Hello!:) The names Michael. I created this page to let people hear my storey. I enjoyed writing it, So im sure you would enjoy reading it. 


                                     MY LIFE with something amazing

                                       It all started when i first turned 18 years old. Me and my dad never really got along, so he was waiting for this day so he could kick me out of his house and make me live life the way he did. He always told me these stories about when he was young how missribule his life was. Like he was on his own when he was 16, or he had to walk 20 miles back and forth to work.  Why in his head does he think its right to make the same mistakes his dad did, I got picked on  in junior high till i got into my first fight. Noone realy knew that side of me. I got ten days out of school suspension for putting a curtian someone into a wall to hard that they had to call 911. Yea i felt really bad, "im not really a fighter". I show people the same peace and respect i want in return. As i got older i got smater of course and started hanging out with people who i knew were allways gona be there for me when i needed them. Im  always down for meeting new people. I got all the good vibes it takes for someone to see a first good impression. 

                                                      I cheered people up when they were down and i never left the room with out someone laughing:0. when i turend 18 i left my dads house to live with my mom in Rockhill SC. it was cool for a minute, i made some friends and partied with my people cuzzins and my uncle was cool he gave me green for free hah but it wasnt long before my moms got another dui and went to jail on top of the credit card fraud when she stole my dads credit card and social lol "i got some crazy family". So i moved in with a real good friend by the name of andrew deans. Every one called him deaner. i kinda quit goin to school because of this transaction but i was really only concerned with getting out of my house at the time and getting away from my dad. He was full of negative energy all the time. So i decided to leave befor he even made an attempt to kick me out. So i got a job my friend anndrew hooked me up with as a business man going from door to door selling house hold items such as knives and salt shakers and started on my own. Andrew had parties just about every night in his studio appartment. Therre was always new people goin in and out of the place. I met one of my best friends at that appartment. He goes by the name of eric. I always called him erica though haha. We were so much alike, the same music, girls, parties, and beer. We did every thing together. this was while my brother was at boarding school becuase of course he was my best friend. i got drunk with my brother for the first time. he convinced me to drink two bottles of black velviote with him one night and man let me tell you! i was gone, shit faced, tour up haha. but any ways back to eric. We went to raves and my faveroite of all times, nelson ledges. The one party we went to he met a girl he thought was amazing, so they exchanged numbers and did all that good stuff and made arrangements to hang out again.

                                                Shortly before this all happened andrew got evicted from to much noise and making the halls in the appartment building smell like pot. when he got evited i was with a friend by the name of jordan. We grew up together sense 3rd grade. when he found out andrew got evicted, he told me to come stay at his place and well party every day. i look at it as every thing happen for a reason and every thing in my life is ironic. thats the word iv been searching for my whole life. "ironic" but back to eric and him hanging out with the girl he met at the party. he asked me if i wanted to go with him. That was the night i was gona dose for my first time with some friends. So i said go ahead and leave me behind im gona chill with brandon, greg, dave, and hoodie. But remember those words, "go ahead and go", thats what i said and to this day i will never forget it. later on that night i went ahead and called eric becuase i didnt want him to go alone so i told him to pick me up at gregs house. so he came to gregs along with shane and blake which i had no idea were going, and we all pilled up in his car and went. now me and greg were allready rollin balls and i was gona dos still for my first time. nothin was stoppin me. so on the way to ambrige which is a small city right out side pittsburgh i was thinking to myself wat was the point in me going? well...i wanted to back my friends up and be there if they needed me cause thats what friends do.

                                               little did i know it was gona be what it was. So we pull in and malissa, the girl eric had met comes over and greets everyone and i allready dosed on the way so i get out of the car and just wonder off with the first time experience. but it was the eperience of a life time. Im walking around and i seen this girl who put off some sort of energy i had never felt before. I started to think it was cause i was trippen nuts but...iduno i went ahead and did my own thing and walked to the car to dose some more and i ran into her again. my first words to her were hey wana eat some acid....lol, its so ariginal right? but she said she never did it befor and it was like...weriod. but she wanted to so we huddled into erics car and chilled for a few minutes i gave her some and then we were on are way. hers didnt kick in yet so i lost her wondering off by myself. about an hour later i kept hearing "wheres hottie!" "wheres hottie!"? it was her voice. I didnt think she was talking about me but i sort of had an idea. so i came in to her vision and talked to her, I asked her how it was going, and we ended up walking away with butterflies in my stomach, laughing and giggling till we came across a view i will never forget for as long as i live. behind an old barn that was on top of a big hill, from the top of the hill behind the barn we stood with all these vibes between us and it was just us no one else it felt good, like it was the beginning of something amazing. we kept getting the glare towards each other like there was something missing, i knew what it was and i was sure she did. i asked her what she was waiting for and she looked at me clueless, so i grabed her hand and pulled her close and kissed her. and when that happend i looked at her, face light up like it was christmas. i was happy and im sure she was. that whole night was trieng to tell me something but i couldnt really grasp what it was. 

                                                  I kept tellin myself it cant be love at first sight because i never really believed that. we followed eachother around that whole night till the next day around noon or so. one of the seens was me at the table with malissas aunt tellin her i was trippen balls lol man let me tell you, that was funny! i made them feel good about there selves so i wasnt in any trouble and im sure malissa wasnt eaither. then my dude blake comes close and he had his sloppy drunkies goin on smashed out of his mind him and greg drank two cases and they were having fun. but not nearly as much as i was fersure. somethin wasnt right when i wasnt with kellie though, i felt like a child that lost his "parents". I know what thats like.. but that night eventually ended but i knew i was gona see her again. and fersure it happened floyd fest NLQP. i wish she would have been with me the whole night but. i guess things happen for a reason, and when i seen her it was like one of those holy shit moments haha i was happy to see her.

                                           Shortly after that, Eric and malissa wernt really any thing but friends and there friend ship sorta died out and they stoped talking, she became intrested in another friend of mine. who i miss alot he passed away, got into a motorcycle accadient. RIP mark moore peace and love; i remember once i went on the back of the bike with him and we were goin about 140 down his street it was fun. It hurt alot of people:( but we grew strong from it. i some how lost touch with kellie, but i seen her at the ledges every now and again. She said she wanted someone to sweep her off her feet, to me.. i think she deserves some one to do so for her. later on my friend jordan moved to cleavland so i moved into my friend seans house and i was still in party mood every night with my dude dj, D-mike, Nick, and cody we got shit faced every night and we were just livin life. i kinda grew out of that though and now im livin back at home and im finishing up school, i plan to move to south carolina with this summer and go to school at UBC, its an aprenticeship for carpenters:) to be a licensed journeymen.  I wana be the one to sweep her off her feet.